March 15-16 Vicki Dodd and Coming Home Workshop 5


Two Special Workshops – March 15 to 16, 2014           Seattle, WA

A Sound Healing Workshop: Restoring the Nervous System

Saturday, March 15 10am-4:30pm                                                   with Vicki Dodd

We will use our voices and movement awareness as our medicine; as our mender of often an overworked worked and impacted nervous system. Our nervous system is constantly impacted and stimulated by all the stresses of our lives – artificial light and bombardment of sound. We will use our voices as our medicine, regardless what ails us, emotionally or physically. I look forward to sharing simple ways to expand your voice vocabulary for your own self-care.

Coming Home: Deep Connection to Subtle Self – Holding Patterns

Sunday, March 16 10:00am-4:30pm                                          with Sono Hashisaki

The fifth session of the Coming Home workshop series will focus on Holding Patterns.  Using Realization Process practices, we’ll focus on inhabiting the internal space of the body and experiencing the constructed boundary between inner and outer dissolve so that we can be present within ourselves and open to a subtle unifying dimension of consciousness.  We will tune in on holding patterns that bind the body and keep us from more fully inhabiting our individual being, and use Realization Process practices to help unfurl those holding patterns.

Location: Ravenna neighborhood, Seattle, WA  

Fees: Saturday only: $125   Sunday only: $125   Saturday and Sunday: $250

Registration: Sono at or 206 300-5058. 

For your comfort:  Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided but please bring what you need to feel comfortable throughout the day.

What to wear/bring:  Comfortable layered clothing, slippers/socks, water bottle, snacks if you have specific food needs.  Please avoid the use of fragrances so everyone can participate.

 vickidodd Vickie Dodd has been working as a Sound Practitioner and Aston Patterning Teacher for over 40 years. She is a master Sound Healer and pioneer of Sound as a Transformative Tool and as a Body Work. She is an herbalist, nutritionist, artist, author of Tuning the Blues to Gold and has several CD’s. Please visit
Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy and Embodiment certified, Sono guides you to experience a deep sense of Self living in your whole body and as a subtle dimension of unified consciousness at the same time. For questions, appointments or workshop: or  sono2014