Sono HashisakiSono Hashisaki, founder of Springwood Associates, Inc., has worked in natural resource assessment and ecological restoration for nearly thirty years. Since 2000, Hashisaki has provided community based strategic planning, and process design and facilitation services primarily for tribal clients. Hashisaki helped establish the NW Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration, was appointed to the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission, has served on the Board of the People for Puget Sound, and has been a member of the UW Water Center Advisory Board since 1993.

Sono has been dedicated to working on behalf of the well-being of the Puget Sound and the Bioregion for decades. Her background in landscape design and ecosystem planning has her looking at everything through the eyes of systems, resilience, and the kind of relationships we need to build sustainable partnerships. Sono has a vision for the Puget Sound and Bioregion that has me captivated and curious for how we build the kind of partnerships needed to “bringing everything along.”

Sono is certified in Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy and Embodiment. She offers individual sessions and workshops where you will experience a deep sense of Self living in your whole body and as the clear space of fundamental consciousness at the same time. Working with the subtle breath, holding patterns can disentangle and tension and pain can be relieved. Sono has advanced training in Psychological Kinesiology, is a Reiki Master and values her experience of family and systemic constellations. For questions, appointments or workshop notifications, please contact Sono at sono at springwood-usa.com.